Bummer Hosting Solutions
Secure SSL Certificates
Web Page Encryption
  • Starting at $34.95!
  • Fully validated encryption
  • 99.99% recognition
  • SSL warranty
Secure SSL Certificates
High performance premium dedicated servers
  • Secure, Strong Encryption
  • Web Sites, E-Commerce, & Shopping Carts
  • Works On All Internet Browsers
  • Affordable SSL Encryption
  • Protect Client Data
  • Free Installation (on our servers)
Get A Merchant Account!
  • Bummer Hosting will help set up your merchant account
  • Best rates on the internet - bar none!
  • Funds deposited to checking account
  • Works with 95% of internet software
  • Used by most billing software
  • For internet, brick & mortar stores

Save money and increase your sales with your own merchant account

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Easy To Design Forms

Our form software is easy to use. There is no programming or coding to learn, everything is intuitive. Just drag and drop the fields where you want them to be. The position of the fields can be edited or changed at any time.

If you have an SSL certificate installed, our form software can be used with Authorize.net and/or PayPal for charing clients in real time!

Accept Credit Cards & PayPal

Set up your forms to accept payment via PayPal and Authorize.net. Our PCI compliant form software is easy to set up with credit merchants.

Multiple prices can be set using drop down, multiple choice, or check boxes.

You can calculate total pricing, define recurring payment periods, donations of any amount, and more!