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  • Linux Operating System
  • RAID 1 Mirrored Drives
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Dedicated Web Server Hosting
High performance premium dedicated servers
  • Brand New Custom Built Servers
  • Free Domain Name
  • Optimized Initial Server Setup
  • Webalizer Stats, AWStats, & Analog Stats
  • Dedicated Server Control Panel
  • Latest Linux Operating System
Bummer Hosting Solutions is a full service web hosting company. We have the knowledge and ability to integrate many web hosting services in to a website. To learn more about the services we provide, click on any of the links below, or click here.
We take web-hosting very seriously. Our servers are dedicated for the task they provide. We do not combine services such as hosting, email, and DNS on the same server. If you lose just one of those services, your hosted websites go down. Our email servers are only for email. Our web servers are only for Linux web hosting. The same goes for our chat-page servers, DRM servers, and all other hosting services we provide! Learn more about our high quality web hosting services and what makes Bummer Hosting the best! Bummer Hosting Solutions has the best web site hosting services you can find!

Bummer Hosting Solutions is a full service hosting company. In addition to offering just web hosting like other hosting companies, we also offer other hosting services. We have the ability and knowledge to integrate other hosting services seamlessly in to your web site. This even includes protected membership web sites, web blogs, RSS feeds, and much more! Our hosting services are of the highest quality you can find and will make your web site look very professional.