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Merchant Accounts
Authorize.net Payment Gateway
  • Save money - best low rates
  • Works with over 95% software
  • Internet e-commerce sales
  • Brick and mortar sales
Merchant Account - Ecommerce
Start accepting all credit cards processed via Authorize.net today!
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover
  • 100% Gross Daily Settlement
  • No Address Verification (AVS - security) Fees
  • Funds deposited to your bank account within 2 business days
  • Tech support and customer service support
  • Bill clients from your website, latptop, smart phone, or in person.
  • We help you making billing setup easy
Bummer Hosting Solutions has teamed up with E-Onlinedata to offer you a special offer on merchant accounts at a price you can afford. This includes access to the Authorize.net gateway for shopping carts and other automated on-line transactions!

Billing credit card transactions are in real time, even while you sleep! Every time a transaction occurs, you are notified via email with all billing details.

All major credit card tranasctions are deposited directly to your checking account within 2 business days. Internet (website) accounts include real time payment gateway & a virtual terminal for your convenience.