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Flash Chat Moderator Instructions
The Premier Bummer Hosting Solutions Flash chat client features the ability to have a chat moderator, which allows a you to hold moderated or celebrity chat events. The chat moderator has complete control over an ongoing chat session; he/she can approve or discard messages before they reach the audience, highlight a guest star user, approve all messages from a user etc.

Become A Moderator

To become a moderator, you must be logged as a chat administrator. Use the /moderate command so that you can start to moderate the chat room.The moderator window will appear, and all users in the room will see a message informing them that their messages are being forwarded to the moderator for approval.

Chat moderator plugin - BummerHosting.com

When you moderate a room, all user messages are sent to the moderator window message list. Highlight a message and click on the green Approve button to allow the message to be posted for the chat audience to view. Click on the red Discard button to remove messages from queue. They will not be posted to the chat. The Discard All button will empty the message list.

You can enable all messages for a selected user by right-clicking on that user's nickname and selecting Approve all messages from user list pop-up menu. Select Moderate all messages to return the user back to normal moderated chat mode.

If you invited a guest-star or speaker, you can highlight and enable all their messages by using the chat administrator /highlight command. The celebrity or speaker's nickname is then highlighted. It will look just like they were an operator.

During a moderated chat, if you ignore someone by clicking their name and selecting Block, no messages from that chat user will reach the moderator queue. This will turn the blocked chat user into a spectator.

To stop moderating a chat page, click on the Stop Moderation button. It will return your Flash chat page back to normal chat mode.