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Administrative Flash Chat Room Instructions

Bummer Hosting Flash chat supports several levels of user permissions. It is very fast and offers some great options! You can distinguish between normal users, operators, administrators and the server itself. Please not the hierarchy... an operator can kick any normal chat page user or a temporary operator, but they can not kick an administrator, etc.

When you first join the chat-room, you are logged in as a normal user without any special permissions. To become a chat administrator or chat operator use the /pass command as seen below. In order to do this, you will need to know the password for the chat administrator or the chat operator.

The administrator can is the only chat user that can join all password protected and full rooms.

Available Flash Chat Commands

The following commands must be typed in to the chat input or text area of the chat page. The commands will take place instantly.
  • /pass {password} - Use this to become a Flash chat administrator or operator. Lets say the password is "chat_admin", without the quotes. After logging in to chat, you would then type: /pass chat_admin

  • /user - This returns the chat operator or administrator back to regular user mode. You will need to type the chat administrator or operator password as seen in the following example: /user

  • /stealth (admin) - Once you're in Admin mode, you can become invisible to all chat users by typing /stealth. To reappear so all users can see you again, type /stealth in again.

  • /moderate (admin) - In order to moderate a chat page, login as Administrator and then type the following: /moderate. For further details on how to moderate a chat page, visit the chat moderator plug-in section for details.

  • /highlight {nickname} (admin) - Administrators can highlight a guest speaker in a moderated room. To highlight a guest speaker named Joe in a moderated chat room, type /highlight Joe,

More Available Flash Chat Commands

The following Administrator and Operator chat commands are available through the context menu on your chat page. The are easy and quick to use!
  • Warn (Admin and Op) - Use this to give chat users warnings.

  • Freeze (Admin and Op) - You can prohibit a chat user from chatting for 1 minute.

  • Kick (Admin and Op) - This command can be be used by an Administrator, Operator, and a user (if the user is a room owner) to kick chat user out of a room.

  • Ban (admin) - You can temporary ban a chat user and their ISP host for 30 minutes.

  • Whois (Admin and Op) - This will display chat user information including IP address information including IP address.