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The most common problems for encoding or decoding streaming media.
This page will 99% of all hosted web-casting issues. Our dedicated streaming video hosting servers are built and programmed for streaming video content. The bandwidth we use for all streaming services including our web hosting is Premier Level3, the very best you can find. When you or your clients experience streaming issues, please be sure to check below as it will solve 99% of any problems you may encounter.

Browser Upgrades And Support

Most internet browsers will get partially corrupted over time. As a result, they may work fine on most sites and not work on others. There may also be other browser functions that won't work either. As time goes, all internet browsers slowly get worse. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest browser. Once you do, you'll find that surfing the internet will be faster. You may also find that you have a lot more surfing options than you did before!

Use the newest internet browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer for the best hosted web casting of web cams! We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest browser version available. You can download the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari :

Check Your Download Speed

Yes, we know... your ISP says that you get at least a certain download speed for your computer broadband connection! We hate to tell you, but that's generally not true. They quote you for optimum conditions, which NEVER exists! Did you notice, they always say "Up to..." not that you will get the advertised speeds. You need to check your speeds and see what you are really getting. Check your download speeds! Are you getting the upload and download speeds your ISP says it's giving you? Check and see, you may be surprised!

Check Your Computer Resources

If everything above is okay, then the problem resides with your computer's ability to encode or decode the compressed streaming media. 99% of the computers should not have any problems, no matter how old they are. If your computer is having problems, they could be due to:
  • Corrupted software - Some software (your OS or Media Player) is corrupted on your computer
  • Low computer resources - there are too many programs running in the background on your computer. Software vendors want their software to run silently and you won't know it. It could be a hacker is using your computer and you don't know it. If this is the case, your computer doesn't have enough processor to encode or decode the streaming media at the same time.
  • Computer gremlins - who knows how it happened, maybe all you need is to restart or reboot your computer!