Bummer Hosting Solutions
On-Demand Video Streaming
Wide screen HD broadcasting to computers & mobile devices
  • Stream Popular Mp4 Videos
  • Auto Start or Click To Start
  • Broadcast To All Mobile Devices
  • No Advertising - Unless It's Yours
  • Video Plays Directly From Your Website!
  • Hide or Display Controls
Provide your customers with high definition standard or wide screen on demand streaming cam broadcasts. Also known as VOD (video on demand) you can stream to any aspect ratio (picture size). There is no advertising unless you decide to do so yourself. Make your own video ads or commercials and have them automatically inserted in to your on demand videos!

You can broadcast your videos directly from your website or we can provide you with a page for your videos. The videos on demand can be locked to your website so only have to go to your website in order to play them. This is great for member areas where people pay for memberships.