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  • December 27, 2007 by Super Admin
Please read our Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions and answers regarding your billing, tech support and hosting services.

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Need to change your Credit Card Information?
To Change your Credit Card information, click on the tab called "Client Info" > "Client Profile", scroll down to the billing area, enter your new information and submit.

Be sure to check your billing information, address, be sure everything is correct. Be aware, once a new credit card is submitted, it will need to be approved by the billing department before payments can be processed. This approval takes up to 24 hours. This is normal and there is no further action required on your part, unless the credit card number is not valid. If there is a problem with a credit card number, the billing department will notify you via email.

Need to Pay an invoice? First, be sure to update your credit card information, as listed above, THEN, submit a Billing Support ticket requesting us to charge your card. Click on "Support"->"Submit a ticket", etc...

Need to Cancel your hosting services? Go to the "Support" tab, and "submit" a billing support ticket requesting your hosting services be canceled. Be sure to list which hosting services and/or domains you are canceling. Please be aware, we require 30 days notice for cancelation, per the HOSTING TERMS agreement upon signup:

Need a copy of a past invoice? Simply click on the tab "Billing" and then "Archived Invoices". Choose which past invoice you want sent to you, check the box and send. Be sure to update your billing email listed underneath "Client Info"-> "Client Profile".

User/pass to login to the billing admin? Your user/pw for your Billing Admin is the email address on file, plus whatever password you choose upon signup. If you would like to change or edit your user/pw, go to the tab "client Info"->"client profile" and make your changes there. Be sure to submit the changes.

Need to add a contact person allowing access to your billing? If you need to add a contact on your billing admin, you will need to do so in writing inside your billing admin by submitting a billing support ticket with the request. Please submit the name, email, address and contact phone of the person you want on your account as a contact. Go to the "Support" tab and make your request by submitting a billing support ticket. TECH Support requests must be made separately inside your Tech Support admin. The billing department does not handle Tech support, just as the Tech Support department does not handle billing issues. If you need to add a contact to your Tech support, that will also need to be done via your Tech support help desk admin. Both the Billing and Tech Admins are secure (https://) and will log your information securely. To submit a tech support ticket, please go to the Tech Support Help Desk here:

Selling or changing ownership of your hosting/domain account? If so, you will need to submit a billing support ticket specifying who will be taking over your hosting or domain account. THIS MUST BE DONE VIA THE BILLING SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM IN WRITING, FOR SECURITY PURPOSES. THIS CANNOT BE DONE OVER THE PHONE. If you are selling or giving your hosting/domains to someone else, they will also be asked to open a new billing account. Submit a billing support ticket, by clicking on the "Support" tab, then submit a support ticket. We will need the new owners full name, email address, address and contact phone numbers, plus exactly what they will be taking over control or ownership of .i.e. domain names, hosting, etc...

Need to change your payment method? Do you need to change your payment method from credit card to paypal or check, etc..? If you are unable to do so under the "Client Info" ->"Client Profile", please submit a Billing Support ticket requesting  the change of payment method. Simply click on the tab "Support" then submit your ticket with your request or question. A representative from the billing department will reply to you via email within 24 business hours. If you are mailing a check or money order to us, make payable to:
Bummer, Inc.

Mail your payment to:

Bummer, Inc.
Billing Department
P.O. Box 343
Allen, Texas 75013

Be sure to include a reference to your hosting account OR send a copy of your invoice with your payment.

Please check our Hosting Terms for check payments, guidelines and returned check fees.

Will my Credit Card or PayPal account be charged automatically? If you signed up via Credit Card or PayPal subscription, your payment will be processed automatically based on the term you signed up for, i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Credit cards as well as PayPal subscriptions are billed on a recurring basis automatically, unless you cancel your services. Please be aware, we require a 30 day cancelation notice. Also, if canceling you MUST request a cancelation via the Billing Support Ticket system. This way everything is logged. To cancel your hosting services, submit a billing support ticket with your request. See tab "Support" You can also read our Hosting Terms here:

What if my credit card or paypal account is declined? If payment on your recurring billing is declined, you will be sent a notice via email. Be sure your email address on file is kept up to date. If late payments or declined payments are not settled in a timely manner, all hosting services will be suspended automatically until payment is made and processed. Please be aware, if your services are suspended due to non-payment, late payment or declined billing, during a time when our offices are closed (i.e. weekends, after hours or holidays), you will need to wait until our office re-opens to settle your account and/or have your hosting services re-instated. To avoid interruption in service and/or late fees, please pay your invoices in a timely manner, keep your billing information up to date and keep us informed by submitting a support ticket when the need arises.

Other Billing Questions? Submit a billing Support ticket listed underneath the tab "Support". One of our billing staff will respond to your question within 24 business hours.

If you have other billing questions that cannot be answered via the billing support ticket, please contact our offices during office hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Central Standard Time (GMT-06:00).
Toll Free  (888) 492-1212 or Dallas, TX  (972) 359-1849

Hosting Terms and Conditions:

How do I contact TECH SUPPORT?
To contact tech support you will need to login to your Tech Support Help Desk. You can find a link to Tech Support on every page of our main website ( under the heading "Tech Support", OR by going directly to:

Simply login to Tech Support, and create a "New ticket" OR view your past tickets where it says "my tickets".

Also, please see our "Knowledge base" and "Client Tools" for  frequently asked questions and demo instructional videos on how to use our services, as well as other "how to" information.

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